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Why It Is Important To Celebrate

How do you feel about celebrating?  If you’re anything like me and most of the people I know, you probably enjoy celebrating too. Have you ever felt that celebration is a crucial part in your life? That it is absolutely…

My Word Of The Year

I first heard of “word of the year” concept on Instagram community. As I learned about how it works and what it means, I found that everyone feels a lot better and freer with the word of the year concept…

Counting Down to Christmas: Advent Calendar Ideas

Advent calendars are known to mark counting down of the days to Christmas, it sweetens the wait for Christmas especially for children. Advent calendar tradition originated from Germany, dates to the mid-19th century of the Protestants era, religious families made…

10 Simple Ways to Slow Down

I love this quote by Mahatma Gandhi — “There is more to life than increasing its speed.”  Slowing down in our life is good for us. We will tend to appreciate things around us more and also learn more about…

My 3 Must Have Photography Apps

Hello friends, I thought it would be nice to share the photography apps/software I just can’t go without in my creative work. I take my own photos for my blog, Instagram and Pinterest because I really love photography. I also…

Thanos from Avengers Embracing Slow Living

Thanos would have been someone that reads my simple and slow living blog while embracing a slow living lifestyle. Yes, I’m certainly talking about the Thanos from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) franchise, the main protagonist in Avengers: Infinity War…

Why I Decided to Start A Blog

Believe me when I say it took me ages to gather all my courage to start blogging. I pondered again and again why I should start a blog, to justify to myself and to convince myself that blogging is going…

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I am Hse Huey (pronounced “Sir Hway”), it is so nice to meet you :) I am a simple and slow living lifestyle blogger based in sunny Perth, Australia. I’m part writer, part photographer and part creative. This blog is my heartfelt hub of thoughts and experiences on living a slow, simple and joyful life. And continuing my quest for the perfect mug chocolate cake. Read More

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