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Slow and Simple Letters

By Oxford dictionary definition, letter is a written, typed, or printed communication, sent in an envelope by post or messenger.

The keyword I like here is communication. When I first started to develop this blog, I wanted to also create a special space where I can communicate and share my seasonal musings, tips and lessons learned in a “non-blog” way — in a connected way into inboxes where it will feel more personal.

So I created this slow and simple letters where I look forward to connecting with you – my wonderful community around my blog. This is one of my favourite way of connecting with you because we can correspond together as though in those days where we have pen pals. I like to call this the online version. Although I’ll squeal in delight if I get a hand written letter in the mail from a friend. 🙂

Every season, I share my tips of simplicity and joy, inspirational things that I’ve come across that I think you’ll enjoy and to help you add value to a simpler and slow living life. So don’t be a stranger, sign up at the bottom of this page.