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The Simple Chapters Blogger

Hi there! I am Hse Huey (pronounced “Sir Hway”), it is so nice to meet you! I am so glad you found my simple and slow living lifestyle blog.

The Simple Chapters was born from my desire to embrace a simpler and slower pace of life. An engineer by trade, after experiencing redundancy from my hectic job due to project cuts in my industry, I put on the cap to the most challenging but at the same time rewarding and fulfilling duty – Motherhood at full time.

I spent lots of time with my children and started to slow down. Spending every moment with my children taught me to savour the everyday moments that bring joy. They reminded me of my fun-filled childhood. They reminded me that simple things like a rainbow in the sky after the rain can bring a huge smile to my face, they reminded me that jumping in the puddle in your wellies is fun. Their laughter and the excitement in their face puts a heartfelt warmness on my soul every time. All the simple joy has always been around me, I just needed to slow down and enjoy.

I also began to simplify my life, starting with my wardrobe (thanks to the amazing Marie Kondo), then other material things in life and started to live with less but with better intention and meanings. It has help me to feel happier from the inside, celebrate the little joy in life, gratitude and more.

It also ignited a passion to write, to be creative and to share my experience with like-minded creatives. This heartfelt passion goes into this blog where I share my musings on life through simplicity and joy, hoping that it will inspire your life.

Let’s be friends

Thank you for reading this far, I really do hope my little creative hub of the world inspires you in some way. I’m an introvert and naturally a shy person and I totally get it if you are too but once I get to know someone I can be quite chatty. So if you want, you can find me on:

  • Instagram where I spend most of my time curating captions and posting authentic photos.
  • Pinterest where I have quite some boards that continues to inspire me and hopefully you’ll be inspired too.
  • Twitter where I usually try to catch up with the latest happenings around the world (world news, celebrity news etc.)

I also send occasional letters (newsletters) dedicated to my subscribers with my seasonal musings, tips and happenings that add value to my life that I think you’ll enjoy too. If you are interested, you can find out more and subscribe here.