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My First Christmas Wreath

November 21, 2019
My First Christmas Wreath
My First Christmas Wreath

Christmas is almost a new festival to me in terms of the origin. For instance, the specific details on why certain decorations like wreaths are put up and the traditions for Christmas day. The reason is because I did not celebrate Christmas when I was young, I grew up celebrating 2 big festivals, Chinese New Year (also known as Lunar New Year) and Diwali (also known as Deepavali).

Being mixed race, I am lucky to get to celebrate 2 festivals. The fun part is that, my parents ensure that I am exposed to both sides of our culture and heritage. I learned so much from these. Most of the time we would go back to my parents’ hometown to celebrate. My parents’ hometowns are located in 2 different states. It is quite a long drive to get there but also worth it. Over time, I got to know other festivals in and out of Malaysia like Christmas. I mostly learned about Christmas through movies and TV shows and books. Christmas is always portrayed as magical, with love, joy and of course Santa and presents!

What I noticed these celebrations have in common is they are all about being with love ones, family, relatives, friends and also great food! Food is a big thing but so are decorations to usher in the festival and in Asia we believe putting up decorations symbolizes new beginnings, ushering in good luck and fortune and many more auspicious meanings. I only truly started getting into Christmas after getting married to my English husband. I finally have a big Christmas tree at home to decorate. I love decorating my home every time there’s a festival, but I always like to keep it simple, so it won’t be a pain to take down. Lol.

This is my first time making a wreath, I’ve always wondered what it symbolizes. I found that wreath is a symbol of growth and everlasting life. Its circular shape represents eternity, for it has no beginning and no end. Such a lovely and deep meaning!  Another thing I find myself fascinated by is all the creative wreath designs out there with natural materials. Hence, I decided to give it a try and make one but of course with simplicity in mind.

Turns out it is quite simple to make and easy enough that anyone could do it with the right materials. While embracing slow living is about slowing down to enjoy everyday moments, what I learned also is that by making things myself, it makes me appreciate and enjoy the process even more. So, if you are like me, new to this, I’m sharing how I made my Christmas wreath so you can give it a try too.

My Simple Wreath Making Process

My First Christmas Wreath

First of all, you need to have the items. Below are the items that I am using (For my Aussie friends, I’ve listed where I got the items below. For my friends from outside of Australia, I’m sure and hope that you are able to get them from your local craft stores)

  • Wreath base (I used Grapevine, there’s also wooden base. I got mine from local craft store Riot.) (Spotlight and Kmart also stock them))
  • Floral wire (from Spotlight)
  • Foraged plants (I used Olive leaves as the rental house I was staying had 2 big trees of these and I bought baby’s breath flowers from the florist. I love this flower because it is so beautiful, versatile for photography and it dries well)
  • Ribbon (Supermarket or craft store, lace ribbon or satin silk ribbons)
  • Decorations like pine cones, natural wood, dried apples etc. (I got my pine cones from my local craft store Riot)

Then we can start putting them all together, I made sure all the leafy plants are about the same length. I used the floral wire to keep it in place on the wreath base. I did this all around the wreath. If you like, you can also just do half or quarter as showing off the wreath base is also very beautiful. After I was done with the leaves, I added the pine cone decoration and tied it with the floral wire. Finally, I trimmed off baby’s breath flowers by the stems and just slotted them in between the leaves into the wreath base. This is quite easy as the wreath base serves as intertwining laces where it naturally holds the little trims of the flower stems. It’s like filling in the gaps. So, I didn’t use any floral wire for the flowers. Then, you can tie a ribbon as an added decoration and then a loop at the top to hang the wreath up.

My First Christmas Wreath

That’s it, it is easy as that. I really enjoyed doing this. I’m very happy that it turned out better than I’ve imagined. I’m leaving the wreath to dry off naturally and I look forward to seeing how it look after it is all dried out. I noticed that previously, baby’s breath flowers still look good after it is all dried up. However, if you prefer it looking fresh, perhaps better to put it all together just before Christmas day or there’s always an option for artificial decorations only if you will reuse them again and again.  I like it with natural elements and I also find that it is fun to use what’s around me to put this together. Plus, the wreath base and decorations are reusable, even the floral wires. I’m hoping, I’ll find some other foraged plants next year to mix things up.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What do you think of my first ever wreath making attempt? Have you made a wreath before? What is your go to materials when making one? I would love to know, do let me know in the comments. Till then, happy wreath making. 🙂

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My First Christmas Wreath
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