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A New Hashtag for Instagram #myslowandsimple

August 18, 2019
A New Instagram Hashtag

Hashtags are known to connect like-minded people on Instagram around specific subjects and I know that other than you my friend, there are many more like-minded folks that are into slow and simple living. Besides that, Hashtags are a great way to improve the searchability of your posts, gain followers, and grow your own community.

The hashtag symbol # used to simply be referred to as hash, number sign or pound sign, but it all changed in 2007 when Twitter began to use the hashtag as a method of indexing keywords to help facilitate good search results for it. Since then, other social media joined it to use hashtags for the same purpose. It was even added to the Oxford English Dictionary some years later.

Hashtags in the creative community

I love how supportive the creative community is around Instagram. There are huge number of creative pages that encourage everyone to use hashtags and be featured on their grid. There are also creatives who get together and come up with creative hashtags and weekly themed challenges to encourage the creative community to use them and get connected, even make new friends! The purpose is always encouraging creativity, creating a supportive community and networking with other creatives.

When I first started joining creative hashtag challenges, my main purpose was to just share my photos as a creative outlet, meet like-minded people & build my network. Instagram used to have a weekend hashtag project (#whp) that had the purpose mentioned above. If your photo stood out, you got featured on their account of over 300 million followers. From there you got the exposure and their followers may follow you because your work suits their aesthetics. However, Instagram recently stopped these weekly hashtag challenges, hence why we see that many creatives have decided to take charge by creating their own hashtag challenges to keep the momentum going. After all, we are all free to be creative and we can also create our own hashtags anytime.

Introducing my hashtag

Speaking of that, I’ve created a brand new hashtag #myslowandsimple. This was created out of my wonderful journey of embracing a slow and simple lifestyle. I also want it to be fun and I feel that all of us will enjoy it. I received so many positive messages of support on my first ever blog post, I am truly grateful! I know how incredible my community are and how like-minded we are pursuing an adventure in slow living and creativity. I realize that without the supportive community, it would not be easy to consistently show up here and share valuable content. Many of you know blogging takes a lot of work but it is worth it because I am able to write and have this creative freedom. I shared about why I decided to start a blog in my recent blog post.

Hence, with this #myslowandsimple hashtag. I would like to invite you, my friends, to join and tag your beautiful photos of simple moments, simple living and slow living. We can be caught up in our everyday lives, but it is in the everyday that lie the simple moments that matter. I want to remind us that simple things matter, and simple things can help us slow down, be grateful and live an intentional life.

A new hashtag for Instagram

Some ideas to help you

Here are some ideas to get you started. It can be as simple as a stolen moment from your daily routine, it can be brewing your favourite tea, reading your favourite book, cosy moments painting with your children, singing with your children, journaling, exploring the outdoors, taking photos or just trying new simple things that you’ve been longing to try.

Simply share to your Instagram grid and tag your beautiful photos using the tag #myslowandsimple.  Share your journey and story of simplicity and slow living. I would love to see what you’ve created, and I will share some of my favourites in my stories every week. That way we can support each other and discover new accounts. Share this post with your friends if you think they would love to join this hashtag. You can also follow this hashtag on Instagram. I look forward to your beautiful photos. 🙂

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A New Instagram Hashtag
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